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WE CARE Ministries

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can shop? Anyone and everyone of all income brackets – we are open to any and all of the public regardless of income on these days to shop in our store.  Your shopping in our thrift store gives you a great bargain and turns donations into peas and corn, dental and vision programs, school supplies, toys for Christmas, utilities and rent assistance.  We have collectibles and antiques and items that we need collectors and individuals with more discretionary money to purchase so that we can provide through our 11 assistance programs for those in difficult circumstances. 

What kind of payment do you take?  Cash or Weakley County check on a local bank with photo ID.  We accept no bills larger than a $20.00 bill. Photo ID and phone number is required for all transactions.  We also accept credit/debit card transactions.

What about your prices?  We have items for all income ranges.  If you need low priced essential items - a couch for $10.00 or knick-knacks and household items at 3 items for $1.25, come and shop our outside sales area to fit your budget needs.  If you like name brand clothing, antiques and collectibles, fine china and other non-essential items, come shop inside our thrift store and know that you still are getting a great bargain but helping support the ministry with your purchases.  If an individual cannot afford to purchase items, application for assistance may be made in the office and items will be provided at no cost.

Why are you only open on Wednesday and Saturdays for a limited time?  Our thrift store must work around our other 11 program work schedules, volunteer availability for our store counters, and the fact that our store is used for multiple purposes when it is not open to the public.  

Thrift Store


Who is served by the ministry?  WE CARE assists residents of Weakley County.

Do I need an appointment? No, but it is good to arrive at the beginning of posted assistance times.

What do I need to bring in for assistance? Each time you apply for assistance you must bring in a picture ID, social security card of all adults 18 and over that live in the home, accepted proof of address (MHA statement, WCMES bill, water bill, cable, or phone bill), and complete current bill that you are seeking assistance.  If you live in Weakley County but your address is other than Martin, Dresden, Gleason, Sharon or Greenfield, you must bring a copy of the property tax for the address of residence.  Property tax copies are a public record and are available at the Courthouse in Dresden. 

How often can I receive assistance? Food assistance may be received once a month.  Direct Aid assistance must have repay work hours completed before an application can be taken for additional aid. For more information, please contact us at (731) 587-6257

How does the assistance repay program work? Clients are asked to give back of their time by working in our thrift store to receive multiple assistance in our Dental/Vision program and Direct Aid program that assists with utilities and rent.



Are there any items that you do not take? Yes, cribs and car seats that do not meet current buyer standards. Other items we do not accept include gas-operated appliances, trash compactors and built in appliances: stoves, ovens and dishwashers. We do not accept waterbeds and sofa beds, exercise equipment, home recorded VCR tapes, tower computers and printers (we do accept laptops and monitors ).

What items do you accept? We do accept good used and working refrigerators, electric stoves, freezers, washers and dryers. If the item has a 220 plug, please indicate on the item information about how the item works or if there are any problems.  We are unable to check an item with a 220 plug to make sure that it works properly and do not want to burden a customer with an item that does not work after they purchase, load, unload and take the item to their home. 

Where do I leave my donations? Large 4 x 4 bins are in front of our building marked for clothing or household items.  IF YOU NEED A TAX RECEIPT, you must bring your donation during office hours and an itemized list of your donations.  Office hours are as follows:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 - 4:30 and Saturday 8:00 - 12:00.  Due to the store being open on Wednesday and Saturday and the traffic around the store, you might want to come on the other available days if possible.

Are my donations tax deductible? Yes, WE CARE Ministries is a 501c3 religious organization.

Will you pick up donations? We are unable to pick up items because of insurance liability.  We do, however, have volunteers that will pick up furniture locally.  Please contact WE CARE at 731 587-6257 for more information.

What happens with my donations?  Your donations are sorted, priced, tagged, bagged, cleaned, tested, and arranged on our shelves in the store to be sold to provide the income necessary for operations and program costs for our 10 assistance programs.

Donations of Clothing and Household Items


How much of my donation is used to actually help someone? 100% of your financial donation is used to help clients.  The Thrift Store covers all operating expenses and remaining funds are distributed among our 10 programs.  WE CARE Ministries is not government funded.

Financial Donations


What are most needed non-perishable items? The Food Pantry generally needs canned meats, kid-friendly food meal items, spaghetti sauce (in tin or plastic jars), canned beef stew, boxed meals (such as Hamburger Helper, cereal, and pop tarts).

What do we need to do before organizing a food drive for you?  Please contact WE CARE at 731 587-6257 prior to any event that you are conducting on our behalf so we may assist you with advertising and information about the ministry.

Can I clean out my freezer and bring my meat to you?  No, we will be unable to accept this donation.  WE CARE must have a paper trail from a processor or vendor to our food bank with time of departure and time of arrival for the safety of our clients. 

Food Bank


How do I enlist to become a volunteer?  Please contact the director, Betty Baker at WE CARE, 731 587-6257 for an appointment to visit the facility.

What tasks will I be doing?  We have volunteer opportunities available in our household, clothing, food bank, office, outside sales, and counter volunteers.  We desire to match up your strengths with our needs.  A happy volunteer is a faithful volunteer.

Is there a dress code for volunteers? Volunteers are asked to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes.  If you wear shirts with a logo, please wear logos that are appropriate for the ministry. 

Do you take community service volunteers?  Yes we do.  An appointment must be made with the director prior to beginning community service hours.  Community service hours are available on Wednesday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

What ages can volunteer? Volunteers under the age of 16 volunteering for school or special projects must be accompanied by an adult during theirservice time.          The minimum age to volunteer without an adult is18 years old for liability purposes. Please remember to sign-in and sign-out at the designated location each time of volunteering. This is how we keep records of the volunteer hours that are useful to us and to you to verify your volunteer hours.  We are happy to make a record available to you if needed. Please wear comfortable clothing consistent with working in a ministry, closed toe shoes and logos of apparel must be appropriate for a ministry.  We understand that things happen in life that are beyond our control. If we are planning on you filling a volunteer position for the day and you must cancel, please contact us at 731 587-6257 as soon as possible so that we can fill your vacancy.