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About Us


WE CARE Ministries is an ecumenical Christ centered ministry that exists to share the love of Christ beyond the physical help of the moment.  Our purpose is to draw people closer to Christ by helping to meet their basic financial needs in times of crisis or transition according to biblical directives. WE CARE becomes a link to join those who desire to use their resources to help others with those who are in need of assistance.


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Our Story

WE CARE Ministries began in 1973 when the First United Methodist Church received a donation for $3,600, which was designated for people and not for bricks and mortar.  This donation provided the seed money for WE CARE to begin a ministry with transportation and emergency assistance.  The Thrift Store followed a year later.  In 1990, WE CARE expanded into an ecumenically supported ministry followed by additional growth in 2002, offering eight programs of assistance. Seven denominations participate actively in the ministry. By combining the resources of the churches within the community, WE CARE could better serve the community by assisting more people rather than duplicating efforts.

Today, WE CARE has expanded with our partners to establish a strong ministry with ten programs to provide help for immediate and special needs.  The WE CARE programs fall into six categories: public support, family support, seasonal needs, hunger relief, educational, and spiritual growth. To date, WE CARE has assisted over 4,500 families with over $500,000 of assistance.


WE CARE Ministries Thrift Store  - when you shop, you help buy peas, corn, dental, vision, and support all programs of assistance.     

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